Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

GM technology adoption in agriculture expanded rapidly in the past decades. Genetically modified crops are now cultivated at about 10% of the global arable land surface, and in some regions like the US the GMO rate is above 90% for soybeans and corn.

New GMOs are regularly being approved and commercially planted, and the genetic constructs of these new GMOs vary significantly from those of the known GMOs, which can have a substantial impact on complex analysis strategies.

DNA Isolation

The availability of high quality DNA is a pre-requisite for subsequent nucleic acid based analytical technologies, especially when targeting to detect the single GMO corn in 10 000 others.

NEW! iMAGo Food, our new automated solution offers magnetic-bead based technology to efficiently isolate genomic DNA from a high variety of sample matrices, meeting the needs of a high-throughput laboratory. More information about iMAGo Food

Eurofins GeneScan Technologies real-time PCR GMO kits

Eurofins GeneScan Technologies is recognised worldwide for its expertise and leading performance in the field of bio-molecular testing for GMOs. Our PCR methods for GMO screening, identification and quantification have been adapted to the volatile and current market situation and are verified daily.

Key benefits

  •  Broadest portfolio of GMO testing kits worldwide
  •  Excellent overview of the global GMO approval and cultivation situation
  •  Regular adaptation of the detection kits portfolio to market demands


PCR Kits

Kits are available both for conventional PCR or real-time PCR, for screening, identification and quantification.

 Real-Time PCR Kits

  •  GMOScreen: modular system of intelligent screening and multiplex screening kits
  •  GMOIdent: kits for precise identification or exclusion of single GMO varieties in soy, maize, rice, sugar beet, cotton,
     linseed or potato
  •  GMOQuant: quantitative methods to identify and to quantitate the GMO content in order to comply with labelling
     and marketability rules
  •  Verification kits: offered for GMOScreen RT 35S/NOS/FMV and GMOQuant kits, with all components required for the
      EURL recommended verification of the corresponding kit

 Conventional PCR kits

  •  GMOScreen 35/NOS/FMV: general screening kit for GMO in food and feed
  •  GMOScreenRapeseed: kit specifically designed for rapeseed screening


SmartCheck Solution

For the analysis of genetically modified soybean we recommend the  SMARTCheck GMO Solution. With only two screening multiplex real-time PCR assays, all commercialized gm soy events can be detected. This also includes the recently EU-approved soy event GMB151.


The specific kit for the rapeseed (canola) event DP-073496-4, in combination with the SMARTCheck GMO Solution Canola, also provides complete analytical coverage of commercialized genetically modified rapeseed.


ELISA Kits and Lateral Flow Tests

Eurofins Technologies offers an extensive portfolio of GMO testing kits in ELISA and rapid test formats. Accurate and reliable solutions are available for the analysis of key genetically modified crops, such as cotton, soybean, corn and canola.

Key Benefits of ELISA Kits

  •  Matching pair of monoclonal antibodies
  •  Standardized test procedure
  •  Only one washing step during the ELISA test
  •  Unmatched sensitivity and specificity for the assayed target
  •  Consistent performance within the batch and across batches

Key Benefits of Lateral Flow Devices

  •  Rapid on-site testing
  •  Reliable result with no lab equipment

NEW READER! Our RapidScan ST5-W lateral flow reader is unique to the market with its flexibility, multiple target analysis and its compatibility with applications for Eurofins Technologies’ allergen, GMO, glyphosate and algal toxins lateral flow tests. This portable instrument is a highly flexible, easy to use and accurate imaging platform which performs well both in laboratories and in field testing environments, where quick results are needed for contamination analysis. With a data storage capacity of up to 5000 test results, reports are easy to create and export.

The following GMO lateral flow devices are validated on the reader:

  • CP4 EPSPS (RR) Quantitative LFS Kit: Bulk Grain Soybean & Canola Using RapidScan (0.1%), Product Nr: EAID 101
  • CP4 EPSPS (RR) Quantitative LFS Kit: Bulk Grain Corn Using RapidScan (0.1%), Product Nr: EAID 102

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