Articles and Press Releases


Fast Legionella Identification with BACGene Legionella Multiplex

Eurofins GeneScan Technologies

Rapidmicrobiology, January 2019

Listeria detection: advantages of in-house testing solutions

Aaron Huckabee, Eurofins Technologies North America

New Food, December 2018

Detection of Genetically Modified Salmon in Food and Feed

Eurofins GeneScan Technologies

Rapidmicrobiology, November 2018

Fast & Flexible Listeria Detection Kits: Multiplex or Species-Based

Eurofins GeneScan Technologies

Rapidmicrobiology, July 2018


Multiplex 5-in-1 ELISA Platform: Concurrent detection of aflatoxin B1, deoxynivalenol, T2 toxin, zearalenone and fumonisins in cereals and feed

Giulia Rosar, Eurofins Tecna

New Food, March 2019


Virus detection: VIRSeek Solution is a vital tool that enables extraction and detection of viruses in food products

Christoph Bahrdt, Eurofins GeneScan Technologies

New Food, March 2019


Reliable tools for gluten risk assessment

Cristina Romero Gonzalo, Eurofins Ingenasa

New Food, October 2018

Press Releases

Eurofins GeneScan Technologies to Deploy Assays on UgenTec PCR Analysis Platform

PR Newswire, Oct 2019

New Director at Eurofins Tecna

Affar Italiani, March 2019