Eurofins Tecna is pleased to announce that the novel ELISA kits for the quantitative detection of deoxynivalenol  H2DON and B ZERO H2DON ELISA have been validated on new matrices!

The kits are two fast (20 minutes), quantitative, sensitive immunoenzymatic assays in microplates (200 ppb detection limit), with a wide measuring range (up to 8 ppm), accurate and precise. They don't require the use of any solvent in the preparation of the samples.


Since the lauch of these new products both kits have been available on whole grain maize, wheat and durum wheat . Now they were successfully validated for barley, oats, brown rice, corn gluten meal, swine feed as well. Results show very good accuracy and precision for all these matrices, limited or no matrix effect and adequate sensitivities. No special additives, purifications, protocol complications have been added to any matrix. Further validations are ongoing on DDGS and DDG, soybeanmeal, wheat bran, middlings, malted barley and rye.

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