Due to several advantages over traditional cultural detection of pathogens, like shorter analysis times, less hands-on time and higher specificity, real-time PCR based methods represent a valuable alternative in foodborne pathogen detection. Eurofins GeneScan Technologies has developed PREraser BACGene, which eliminates free DNA from samples and thereby reduces the number of unconfirmed positive PCR results without having a negative effect on living pathogens.

The PREraser BACGene treatment is an optional step after enrichment and prior to lysis, easy to integrate into the workflow of the BACGene real-time PCR kits. The application has been accepted for certification by AOAC for specific kits. According to results, PREraser BACGene can be applied, after verification of the protocol by the individual laboratory, to all relevant certified matrices for the above mentioned BACGene foodborne pathogen detection kits.

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