We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new VIRSeek Solution. The VIRSeek Solution is an ISO-compliant workflow for the detection of viruses in food and drinking water. The solution is comprised of five kits, which cover all steps from RNA extraction to real-time RT-PCR detection of hepatitis A virus, norovirus genogroups I & II as well as the process control murine norovirus.
The VIRSeekSolution consists of the following kits:
   • VIRSeek Food Hepatitis A Virus
   • VIRSeek Food Norovirus Genogroup I
   • VIRSeek Food Norovirus Genogroup II
   • VIRSeek Food Murine Norovirus (MNV) Process Control
   • VIRSeek RNAExtractor Food