Validations are now available on new matrices for our ELISA tests H2DON and B ZERO® H2DON, Immunoenzymatic assays for quantitative detection of deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin), fully water-based.

Kits applications

Both assays are currently validated on:

Maize I Wheat I Durum wheat I Bran NEW! I Middlings NEW! I Whole and dehulled oats I Barley I Rye NEW! I DDGS I Swine feed I Brown rice I Corn gluten meal I Soybean meal

What are H2DON and B ZERO H2DON?

These are two quick (20 minutes), quantitative, sensitive (220 ppb detection limit), accurate and precise immunoenzymatic tests for analysis of deoxynivalenol in microplates, having a wide measuring range (up to 8 ppm, extendable to 48 by extract dilution).

  •  • H2DON contains all the reagents ready to be used for carrying on the analysis of deoxynivalenol on several matrices, including water calibration standards.
  •  • B ZERO® H2DON is the H2DON assay version with master-curve, where a single standard is used for each analytical session, with no calibration needed.

Which immunoassay is better for me?

Both are very robust immunoassays.
The traditional H2DON test is particularly indicated when you want to evaluate in every analytical session the compliance of the standard curve and therefore of the session itself. The expense for calibrators is particularly modest when the laboratory carries out the analysis of deoxynivalenol on several samples in one single session.
The B ZERO® test is suitable when carrying out analyses on deoxynivalenol for few samples per session. In this case, the expense of using the wells in the calibration risks to become an obstacle to the quality process sustainability. In order to control the compliance of the analysis of deoxynivalenol is always possible and recommended to use the control sample or reference material. Regarding the check of the curve compliance, the monitoring on a stable and standard sample dose provides to the analyst the possibility to control the correctness of the sample preparation procedure for the analysis of deoxynivalenol. What is its cost? Just a single well is used in each session.

The matrices available on H2DON and B ZERO® H2DON:

The matrices that are validated to date for the analysis of deoxynivalenol are cereals (maize, wheat, durum wheat, barley, whole oat, dehulled oat, brown rice), corn gluten meal, swine feed, DDGS, soybean meal, malted barley, wheat bran and middlings, rye. For knowing the test performances for the analysis of deoxynivalenol on these matrices, you can contact our technical department to receive the validation dossier, which includes all the tests carried out in our Eurofins Tecna laboratories.