For the efficient monitoring of aflatoxin contamination, it is necessary to apply analytical kits capable to detect all the four aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2, in an accurate and preferably fast manner.

H2AFLA is a new rapid ELISA kit for the detection of total aflatoxins B and G in different types of matrices. The kit is using an antibody with high cross-reactivity for the four forms of aflatoxins: measured in the absence of matrix at 50% inhibition, the cross-reactivity was 100% for aflatoxin B1, 92% for B2, 86% for G1 and 76% for G2.

The kit allows to detect total aflatoxins in different types of samples in just 10 minutes, in the dynamic range 2.5 - 50 ppb (which can be expanded up to 500 ppb by means of a sample dilution step). B ZERO single-calibrator assay version is available for a more cost-efficient analysis.

The ELISA kit has been successfully validated on samples of whole grain corn, soft wheat, sorghum, brown rice, peanut, pistachio, walnut, copra, and further applications will be finalized during the year. To verify the performance of the assay, our researchers preferred the use of naturally contaminated samples.

Last but not least, the ELISA kit does not use any solvent for the preparation of the sample and for the execution of the assay, thus not harmful for the environment.

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