In December 2020 the NF VALIDATION certificate was granted to Eurofins GeneScan Technologies’ BACSpec Salmonella 2 kit by the AFNOR Certification according to ISO16140-2:2016.

The BACSpec Salmonella 2 ELISA kit offers to laboratories the fast detection of Salmonella spp. from challenging human food products like spices and cocoa, feed products and environmental samples to ensure the safety of consumers.

The kit is designed for a sensitive, faster and more convenient detection than conventional methods and has shown excellent specificity within the validation process. In addition to the cost-efficient manual workflow, the method can be automated using The BoltTM and ThunderBolt® instruments for high throughput application and significantly reduced hands-on time required to run the analysis in the laboratory.

The official letters of confirmation of the AFNOR Certifications are available for download.

Detailed product information and online ordering of all certified BACSpec ELISA kits can be found HERE