The Celer®  ELISA kits, designed for the quantitative detection of a range of different mycotoxins, are now validated on the automated ELISA system The BoltTM to suit the diverse in-house testing needs of customers in the food, feed and agricultural industries. The BoltTM system is computer-controlled and capable of automating fluid handling, plate mixing, incubation timing, optical reading, calculations and report generation. It is possible to run sessions simultaneously with multiple Celer®  kits to analyse up to 4 different parameters. Download this flyer for the available applications of validated mycotoxin assays.

Our automated testing solutions help our customers to get critical answers in a few hours by bringing the mycotoxins and other contamination screening in-house.

For more information on The BoltTM automated analysis system, visit the Instruments page. Eurofins Technologies offers multiple ELISA assays validated on The BoltTM from the following product lines: allergens, pathogens, environment & water testing, mycotoxins and veterinary drug residues.

For more information about mycotoxin detection options and the Celer®   product line, visit the Mycotoxins page.