1. Solvent-free analysis: new ELISA DON kits from Eurofins Tecna

    Eurofins Tecna is pleased to announce the new ELISA H2DON and B ZERO H2DON kits. These kits  don’t require the use of any solvent in the preparation of the sample. 

    The kits are two fast (20 minutes), quantitative, sensitive immunoenzymatic assays in microplates (200 ppb detection limit), with a wide measuring range (up to 8 ppm), accurate and precise.

    B ZERO H2DON kit uses the same reagents as the H2DON kit, but the calibrators are not included in the kit and should not be loaded. The dosage curve is virtually supplied in the kit certificate and can be used

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  2. Eurofins GeneScan Technologies to Deploy Assays on UgenTec PCR Analysis Platform

    Eurofins GeneScan Technologies GmbH and UgenTec announced a collaboration on the development of assay plugins for Eurofins GeneScan Technologies’ portfolio of molecular biology kits on UgenTec’s real-time PCR analysis software platform, FastFinder.

    In the collaboration, UgenTec will develop artificially intelligent software components for Eurofins GeneScan Technologies’ assays, called assay plugins - which are deployed into the FastFinder analysis software used in testing labs. The assay plugins will cover DNA extraction kits, the detection of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), animal and plant species kits from the GeneScan portfolio.

    FastFinder Analysis is a software module using artificial intelligence to support the analysis and interpretation of qPCR data. It allows diagnos

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  3. Food Safety In-Depth Focus in New Food Magazine

    Despite viral outbreaks declining, they remain one of the most important areas of consideration when it comes to food safety. These viruses are highly resistant to environmental factors and are infectious at very low doses. Their presence in foods or during food production can have devastating consequences. Christoph Bahrdt, Business Development Manager at Eurofins GeneScan gives an insight into foodborne diseases associated with viral infections and introduces VIRSeek Solution, an efficient virus extraction and detection tool recently developed by GeneScan. The full article is available

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  4. Eurofins Technologies Australia: Water & Allergen events

    May has been a busy month for our team in Australia. First up was an impressive trade show Ozwater’19, a water conference and exhibition followed the week after by an outstanding and informative Allergen Management Symposium, both held in the vibrant city of Melbourne. Many new introductions and great relationships as a result, thanks to the dynamic audience and to the organizers of both these successful events! Don't hesitate in reaching out to our team for any additional information on our comprehensive range of products:

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  5. NEW Product Launch - The VIRSeek Solution

    We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new VIRSeek Solution. The VIRSeek Solution is an ISO-compliant workflow for the detection of viruses in food and drinking water. The solution is comprised of five kits, which cover all steps from RNA extraction to real-time RT-PCR detection of hepatitis A virus, norovirus genogroups I & II as well as the process control murine norovirus.
    The VIRSeekSolution consists of the following kits:
       • VIRSeek Food Hepatitis A Virus
       • VIRSeek Food Norovirus Genogroup I
       • VIRSeek Food Norovirus Genogroup II
       • VIRSeek Food Murine Norovirus (MNV) Process Control
       • VIRSeek RNAExtractor Food

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  6. New BACGene real-time PCR kit for the identification of Salmonella Tranoroa

    The kit was designed as a real-time PCR-based method for the specific and exclusive identification of Salmonella enterica subsp. salamae serotype Tranoroa in food, feed and environmental matrices. Presumptive positive results for Salmonella spp. can be re-tested rapidly and reliably for S. Tranoroa, directly from the original lysates, allowing for proper process control mechanisms to be implemented without a high demand of additional hardware and consumables. It effortlessly integrates into the BACGene Salmonella spp. workflow and requires no separate lysis steps. Shop the kit online

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  7. Eurofins Technologies Newsletter - March 2019

    After a long winter, spring has officially arrived. No better time to get active, take action and create change! We have a lot ongoing at Eurofins Technologies: a new product catalogue, new PCR kit for Legionella detection, conferences where you can meet us and even a New Year celebration just before the new season... Interested to know more? Click here for the newsletter and Sign up not to miss the further editions.

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  8. Eurofins Technologies Newsletter

    Are you interested in exclusive product offers, free webinars, and news from the world of diagnostic kits? Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to receive insider offers. See our December issue here including a special Christmas webshop promotion, our instruments for ELISA automation, a microbiology webinar and interesting insights from our Australian colleague on X-mas and New Year celebrations in the summer season.

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  9. Eurofins Technologies at SecurFood in Lyon, France

    Eurofins Technologies will be present at the SecurFood exhibition in Lyon, France, 4-5 December. If you are involved in the food industry from production through to consumption, you need to be aware of food fraud. Do you want to take an in-depth look at the key questions on Food Safety, Traceability, Certification, and Hygiene?
    Don’t forget to visit the Eurofins Technologies booth at SecurFood where our dedicated colleague, Sandra Fréville will be delighted to help and to find applicable solutions for your needs.

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  10. In-Depth Allergen Focus in New Food Magazine

    Due to many recent cases of contamination, mislabelling and recalls, it is essential to provide detailed explanations of food safety questions.
    Eurofins Technologies’ Food Safety Manager at Ingenasa, Cristina Romero Gonzalez shared her expert view about gluten allergy and reliable tools for gluten assessment. It has to be pointed out that, identifying is fundamental for all the food ingredients, components, and additives, as well as controlling any potential cross-contamination. In order to deal with this task, the food industry needs to have adequate tools to be able to monitor the whole process in a quick and reliable manner. To find adequate in-sight answers to the controlling of food additives, or how we should know if additives are in our food and drink, read the full article

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