INgezim PPA CROM 30 tests

INgezim PPA CROM 30 tests


INGEZIM PPA CROM is based on a Direct Immunochromatography technique which uses protein VP72 of ASFV. An immunochromatographic assay for detection of antibodies to African swine fever virus (ASFV) in porcine whole blood or serum

The test is based on the technique of immunochromatography, a migration technique that uses purified VP72 protein of ASFV, and is able of detecting specific antibodies against ASFV in porcine serum samples. The diagnostic device consists of two windows: - Sample window: it contains VP72 protein of ASFV and a protein control, coated to coloured latex particles. - Result window: it contains a test line (T) formed by the VP72 protein of ASFV and a control line (C) formed by a MAb specific for the protein control. If the test sample contains antibodies against the VP72 protein of ASFV, they will react with the red particles conjugated to VP72 protein. The latex-protein-antibody complex migrates through the membrane and reacts again with the VP72 protein adsorbed in the test line resulting in the appearance of a red/pink. The appearance of a blue line in the control area (C) indicates that the chromatography has been correctly performed.

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SKU 11.PPA.K.41/100
Test principle Immunochromatographic assay
No. of tests 100
Min no. of samples 100
Max no. of samples 100
Detection Antibodies to African swine fever virus (ASFV) in porcine whole blood or serum
Shelf Life (months) 24
Storage 4 - 25 ÂșC.

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