INgezim Circovirus IgG 480 tests

INgezim Circovirus IgG 480 tests

INgezim PCV DAS 96 tests

INGEZIM PCV DAS is an enzymatic assay based on a Double Antibody Sandwich ELISA technique, which uses two monoclonal antibodies (MAb) specific of VP2 of PCV2. One for coating and another one as conjugate

The kit has been designed for the semiquantitative detection of circovirus VP2 protein. The INGEZIM PCV DAS kit is based on the double antibody sandwich immunoassay technique it described bellow: The solid phases are plates coated with a monoclonal antibody (MAb) specific of circovirus VP2. After adding the sample to the well, if it contains virus, they will bind to the MAb absorbed to the plate .If the sample does not contain virus they will not bind to the MAb. After washing to eliminate the not adsorbed material, a MAb specific to VP2 conjugated with peroxidase is added. If there was virus in the sample, the conjugate will bind to the antigen. This union is detected after adding a substrate able to develop colour in presence of peroxidase.

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SKU 11.CIR.K.2
Test principle Double Antibody Sandwich enzymatic immunoassay
No. of tests 96
Min no. of samples 32
Max no. of samples 94
Format 1 microriter plate of 96 wells
Detection The viral load of porcine Circovirus type II in vaccines by titration
Shelf Life (months) 12
Storage 2 - 8ÂșC

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