H2DON (96 det)

H2DON (96 det)

B ZERO H2DON (48 det)

B ZERO H2DON (48 det)

H2DON (48 det)

H2DON ELISA kits for the water-based quantitative analysis of deoxynivalenol.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn about the procedure of the H2DON ELISA kit.

H2DON test kits are fast (20 minutes), quantitative, sensitive immunoenzymatic assays in microplates (200 ppb detection limit), with a wide measuring range (up to 8 ppm), accurate and precise. To obtain the dose of deoxynivalenol in the sample, it is necessary to homogenize and finely grind it, collect a 50g portion, add 250 ml of water containing 10% sodium chloride, NaCl, shake vigorously for three minutes, filter and dilute a small amount of filtrate in water.

ELISA H2DON kit contains five calibrators, at concentrations of 0; 0.2; 0.5; 2; 8 ppm. At each analytical session the operator implements the curve, dedicating a well for each calibration solution. After the curve, he will use a well for each of his samples. In this way there is the full control of the session, as it can compare the calibration curve with the assay specifications given in the instruction booklet and with the conformity certificate information contained in the kit.

Visit our Youtube Channel and watch this video to learn about the procedure of the H2DON ELISA kit.

More Information
SKU HU0040037
Assay principle Microplate competitive enzyme immunoassay.
Format 48 determinations
Assay time 20 minutes (sample preparation not included)
Analysable samples Cereals (maize, wheat, durum wheat, barley, whole oat, dehulled oat, brown rice), corn gluten meal, swine feed, DDGS, soybean meal, malted barley, wheat bran and middlings, rye
Detection limit (LOD) 0.2 ppm
Sample preparation Grinding, water extraction, filtration, dilution.

Deoxynivalenol 100%

3-acetyl-deoxynivalenol > 100%

3-glucosyl-deoxynivalenol 51%

15-acetyl-deoxynivalenol 12%

Nivalenol < 0.5%