BACGene PREraser

BACGene PREraser

BACGene PREraser (10x)

BACGene PREraser DNA, 10 x (2 x 48) reactions for the elimination of free DNA from pathogen enrichments. Applicable with all BACGene kits. All reagents and lysis plate included.

PREraser enables laboratories to distinguish between live and dead pathogen contamination in food and environmental samples in order to reduce the number of positives, which are not culturally confirmable. Unconfirmed positives can occur in samples from products that have high natural contamination levels prior to processing, samples from products that have been treated using phage solutions, as well as environmental samples taken post-disinfection. While PREraser has no effect on living pathogens it successfully removes free DNA from dead pathogens.

The application has been accepted for certification by AOAC for the following kits (AOAC certification number):

•   BACGene Listeria Multiplex (#061701)
•   BACGene Listeria spp. (#061702)
•   BACGene Listeria monocytogenes (#061703)
•   BACGene Salmonella spp. (#121501)

You can order this bulk kit (x10) using 5123222311.

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SKU 5123222311
No. of tests 10 x (2 x 48)

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